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Alignment service is preventing

Vehicles with incorrect steering and suspension angles can present behavioral and safety problems. In addition, poor alignment causes increased tyre wear and can damage the suspension, steering, and bearing.

Alignment is the process of adjusting the vehicle’s steering and suspension angles. Basically, there are three angles that are checked in alignment: convergence/divergence, camber, and caster.

Save money as your tyres will last longer, the steering will be smoother as there will be less rolling resistance. You will have more steering control, increasing the safety of the vehicle.

More control and safety

We must align the vehicle when we replace any element of the suspension or steering, when we feel a vibration when we notice that it tends to go more to one side, when there is an irregular wear of the tires or when we replace them with others.


Our workshop has the latest equipment in alignment technology and we recommend that you do it every 10,000 miles.

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