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Brakes Service


Our safety is very important, brake service is paramount

Brakes service will save your life

One of the most important systems and components of the vehicle is the brakes since it is directly related to the safety of occupants and pedestrians. Periodic reviews, good driving practices and attention to the signals that the car sends us are what we must take into account to be safe when driving.


It is important to take your car to the workshop, at the first sign of irregularity of the brake system and be alert. It is not difficult to notice when a fault occurs, the most common symptoms are that the car is pulled to the right or left, if you feel a vibration, knocking or has a squeak when braking. If any of these symptoms occur, it is advisable to take the car to the workshop immediately. The brake pedal also tells us a lot, if it feels spongy, lowers too much or is too hard, take the car to check.

Brake service is most important.

We check your brakes at no cost

The brake system is quite faithful and reliable as long as it is properly maintained and we are not negligent in its care.


Caring for the brakes is relatively easy and extremely important, a well-maintained brake system will help prevent accidents and allow us to drive carefree.


At Tony’s Vehicle Solutions we recommend checking your brakes every 10,000 miles or once a year, as well as any of our services. We diagnose the condition of your brakes at no cost and we provide the best brake service in miami

brakes service
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