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Maintenance is the integral attention that your vehicle needs

Every vehicle, whether new or used, requires certain periodic routine maintenance tasks to ensure its proper operation in any condition. As a result of normal use, some components wear out and fail to perform their function optimally. The most complex and expensive ones tend to have a long life, while the simplest and most economical ones must be changed or revised every 5,000 or 10,000 kilometers.

Basically, “tune-up” general maintenance consists of changing engine oil, changing transmission oil, changing oil, air, and petrol filters, changing spark plugs and cables, cleaning injectors, and, if necessary, changing timing belts.

The frequency of a tune-up in your vehicle will depend on its use and the manufacturer’s specifications. At Tony’s Vehicle Solutions, our technicians perform a visual and mileage analysis of the engine system components to ensure that all components are in optimum condition.

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