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Oil change


Engine in good running order

The important of oil change

The oil is a lubricating layer between the engine parts, serves to reduce vehicle wear, is a great tool to keep the engine clean. It lubricates the rings, pistons, cylinders and other elements that make up the vehicle engine. This lubrication allows an optimal temperature to be maintained so that the engine does not overheat.

If the engine operates at very high temperatures, various components of the engine can degrade. The lubricant is essential for many parts of the vehicle to perform their function correctly. Therefore, if its replacement is not carried out properly, there are many components in play.

Why do oil change on time?

It is necessary the oil change because the oil, a substance that must be viscous, is affected by the passage of time and kilometers, which deteriorates its properties. As a result, engine protection is reduced. The machine could be severely affected if it does not have the protection provided by this element.

The oil change is very important in the maintenance of your vehicle, it is an integral part to maintain the engine in an optimal operation protecting the cold start, lubricating quickly and preventing wear, reducing friction and contributing to fuel economy. In Tony’s Vehicle Solutions we take care of providing the right amount of oil of the best quality, a new filter and perform a general inspection completing the fluids of your vehicle, brake check, among others, at no additional cost.

We have the best cutting-edge equipment in automotive technology, we guarantee optimum results for each need and we seek your safety, confidence, and satisfaction.

At Tony’s Vehicles Solutions we offer you the oil change in Miami

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